Day: June 1, 2021

Zodiac Jewelry Is the Personal Fashion Trend That’s That’s Everywhere Right Now

Zodiac Jewelry

Courtesy Mejuri

When it comes to jewelry, the unique, the sentimental, and the bespoke are continuing to trend, but lately, it’s actually the stars that are speaking the loudest. When it comes to personal pieces that everyone seems to be clamoring for, zodiac signs have quickly become the most requested on the market — which is no real surprise, considering our nail polish and makeup bags are already full of fun, astrological finds.

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This past spring, designer Brent Neale gave her signature mushroom pendants

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A Common Mistake Landscape Photographers Make

A successful landscape photograph takes the confluence of multiple factors, and because you are dependent on multiple factors, it can be easy for just one to go wrong and derail the entire shoot. It is common to overlook that phenomenon and to be left stuck, and this excellent video essay discusses what you can do to ensure you still come home with a worthwhile image. 

Coming to you from Landscape Photography iQ with Tom Mackie, this great video essay discusses the importance of having alternate plans in landscape photography. Landscape photography can be a rather unique genre, as you

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TikToker Adds Michael Jackson Music to Moon Walking Cast Member

Cast Members are one of the ultimate aspects of visiting any Disney Park! They oftentimes have the power to make a good trip a great one, sometimes with a small joke or magic moment that Guests will take with them for years to come. And sometimes, that moment can come out of some awesome dance moves.

Credit: Disney

When Guests are at Disney World, whether it be a day trip or a full vacation, there is one thing that everyone will have in common by the end of the day, and that is exhaustion. Whether you are visiting Magic Kingdom,

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15 summer fashion finds from Walmart under $40

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Summertime is fast approaching, which means we’re getting ready to wear our best beachy get-ups and backyard barbecue ensembles. But with warmer days ahead, we’re the first to admit that looking cute and staying cool isn’t always an easy task. When the temperature starts to rise, we need clothes that seamlessly combine fashion and function — and we’re pretty sure you feel the same way.

To help jump-start the summer shopping season, the Shop TODAY team curated

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Adria Mobil’s Award-Winning Astella Lineup Reinvents Mobile Home Lifestyle

Adria is a manufacturing giant of mobile homes ranging from vans to Class A motorhomes, and even towable homes like the Astella you see here. Because this team operates mostly out of Europe, it possibly they may sound new to you.

Since 1965 this team has been at the top of the mobile home game, and today, distributes vehicles worldwide through a network of partners and over 500 dealers. With a focus on creating memorable vehicles and moments though innovation and sustainability, Adria has risen to be considered one of Europe’s go-to teams for RVs and the likes. With homes

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Chi Modu, Photographer Who Defined 1990s Hip-Hop, Dies at 54

The Notorious B.I.G., stoic and resplendent in front of the twin towers. Tupac Shakur, eyes closed and arms in the air, tendrils of smoke wafting up from his lips. Eazy-E, perched atop his lowrider, using it as a throne. Mobb Deep, huddled with friends on the rooftop of a Queensbridge housing project. Nas, reflective in his childhood bedroom. Members of the Wu-Tang Clan, gathered in a circle and staring down at the camera, sharpness in their eyes.

For the essential rap stars of the 1990s, odds are that their defining images were all taken by one person: Chi Modu.

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