Did you know celebrity fashion lines actually date back to the 1800s? Of course, they weren’t what they are today: They were mostly headed by famous opera singers or dancers. But having a prominent face behind a clothing collection is no new concept—they’ve just gotten more elaborate and splashy as the years have gone by. 

A big turning point for this was in the 2000s, when the explosion of celebrity really took over. With the rise of Internet blogs came an insatiable appetite for daily content around our favorite stars—meaning more appearances, more red carpets, and more launches for them. As a result, you weren’t a big star unless you launched a fashion line. Why be dressed by others when you can design—and sell—your own look? Now that’s true power!

Of course, these days, every musician or actor has a side hustle. Currently it’s all about the beauty space: Selena Gomez, Traces Ellis Ross, Lady Gaga, Madonna, and more have all launched makeup, hair, or skincare lines recently. But back in the 2000s, it really was all about the fashion line, and this introduction to stars-slash-fashion moguls was the ultimate precursor to our current times (where now, all you need is a decent following and you, too, can get a brand deal). In honor of the OG era that started it all, then, Vogue is looking back at some star-studded launches you may have forgotten about.

Early adopters were stars with mega star power, including Jennifer Lopez, Eve, and Gwen Stefani. Beyoncé’s House of Deréon is one of the most iconic of the decade, too—a full-ranging line including denim and gowns, launched with her mother Tina Knowles. No matter the star, all these lines had one thing in common: they served as the perfect time capsules of the Y2K era, complete with gaudy rhinestoned tees, over-the-top jeans, and flashy hoodies or tracksuits (all of which, funny enough, are now back in style). So take a seat and reminisce with us on these forgotten celebrity brands—because you never know which one will have a relaunch this decade.

Below, 14 fashion lines from the 2000s you may have forgotten about.