10 nail artists reveal the statement nail trends that are going to be big this season

Nothing finishes off a look quite like a fresh set of nails. Take Selena Gomez, for instance, who recently made a case for neon when she teamed her neoprene coral lids with some lime-green nails. Or Kylie Jenner, who updated her low-key ‘coffee and errands’ look with a set of elongated purple tips, because, well, why not? Then there was the queen herself, Beyoncé, whose pop of blood-orange nails by nail artist Mo Qin added a bit of glam to her tropical NYC look.

Indeed, whether you want to accentuate a makeup look or bring an unexpected twist to an everyday ’fit, this summer is all about statement nails—and it’s not surprising. According to a WGSN trend report, in the wake of COVID-19, consumers are looking to “re-embrace bold colours and experiment with creative designs that enable self-expression”.

In need of some manicure inspiration? Here, 10 of the industry’s leading nail artists share their favourite looks for summer.

1. Juan Alvear (@ByJuanAlvear)

“My current favourite base is an extra-long round. It looks harsh, but cute. If Miu Miu were a nail shape, it’d be an extra-long round. Plus, it gives a lot of room for painting. I am also loving chrome bases and dark graphic colours as they’re a little less expected and make a bold statement— especially in the summer. And any dual-tone glitter colours that read like a ‘beetle finish’. Bulbous accents are always cute. Clients have been asking for rain droplets as well as lava lamp vibes.”

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